What Causes the Diamonds to Shine?

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Diamonds are clearly one of the most astonishing substances man has ever discovered. They have occupied a great value in human society and they cost quite a lot in terms of money. Have you ever wondered why this is so? In short, diamonds are expertly crafted and cut to perfection to make them capture the eyes of the observer. However, there are many reasons behind the ability of diamonds to attract. Out of these, the most prominent ones are their ability to refract, reflect, and disperse. Below is a discussion on the factors that cause diamonds to shine so that you can remember them after reading the Beverly Diamond BBB reviews.


As the light travels through the stone, it is dispersed and split several times. This produces the radiance that diamonds are famous for. Down to the basic level, this is the refraction showing its effects. In simpler terms, diamonds are small, complex prisms. The light comes in through their top and is deflected around within the diamond before being pointed back towards the top and exited through the surface. This makes a rainbow impact (scattering) and adds to the sparkle. Furthermore, the refraction and scattering make light and dim regions in the refracted light.

These dark regions in the sparkling area may appear to be adversely affecting the sparkle. However, they are a very strong reason behind the diamond’s trademark brightness. The dark region amplifies the effect of light. The situation can be better understood by comparing it with a candle. The flame seems more brilliant in a dull room than it does in a bright room. The contrast of light and dark is the major reason for brilliance. Note that a diamond without which does not display contrast may sparkle impressively, but it would be difficult to observe the same.

The Cut of a Diamond

The cut also plays a crucial part in how splendid a diamond appears. In case the shape is excessively deep or shallow, a significant part of the light will get lost. If it happens, the light will fail to bounce outward as it should. The angle for the refraction would allow the light to leak out the base of the stone.

To a certain degree, the shape of the stone also decides the sparkle. The most famous shapes were intended to offer the best light performance.

Keeping the above factors in mind will help you come up with the best buy for your diamond engagement ring.

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