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Tate Modern is the king of modern art galleries located in London. IT holds and showcases a vast collection dating from the 1900’s to the current day. This museum attracted 5.7 million visitors last year, and ranked among the top twenty most visited galleries and museums in the world. The collection here includes masterpieces done by some of the most famous names in art history, such as Picasso, Dali, Rothko, Duschamp, and Parreno.

Tate Modern is known for the distinctive way in which it displays its artwork. Where other museums order displays based on chronology, this one goes by themes. That means you could very well see a 21st century painting hanging beside one completed a hundred years before or after; all it takes is for the paintings to share a theme. There are plenty of ways to spin this, which means repeat visitors get to see a lot of changes in the works displayed. This can be bad for an art-loving tourist planning to catch a good look at a particular work, unless they knew for sure that it would be displayed on the day they showed up. Here, our continually updated info on theme changes can help tremendously.

The Tate Modern has several different parts worth knowing about. The main building, which opened in 2000, is housed inside what used to be the Bankside Power Station, a structure almost as large as Westminster Abbey, and with a prominent central chimney stretching 99 meters from the ground. Since the beginning, there was also The Turbine Hall, where, 60 million visitors have stood and viewed large scale artworks to date. The top floor comprises The View, an open terrace allowing for spectacular free sights of the city’s skyline. Seven years later, the Switch House was added on as well; this is an angular extension which expanded the space of the gallery by 60%.

As a tourist, you would normally wish to enjoy the part where you learn and admire new things, especially in a museum. The above as well as other similar information, can shed new light on how you take it all in during your first visit. We can help you with the best times to visit, when and where to get convenient commute, and even where to head for lunch after you finish your tour. Call us for help making your British museum tour both memorable and fulfilling.