Explore the Architectural Marvel of Tate Modern Gallery

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Tate Modern is Britain’s national gallery of international modern art forms. It is one of the world’s largest museums of modern and contemporary art. Tate modern was opened to public in 2000. Now Tate Modern is the most visited modern art museum in the world, attracting around 5 million visitors every year. The gallery is […]

Beautiful Hidden Gardens and Green Spaces in London

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London attracts a lot of tourists every year with its huge number of wonderful attractions including monuments, museums, castles and a lot of other stunning landmarks and beautiful landscapes. There are a lot of famous tours in London including Tate Modern Tours, Buckingham Palace tours, and the Tower of London Tours, etc. that people often […]

Is Tate Modern or Tate Britain the Best Choice to Visit?

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Before starting on Tate Modern tours, it is really important to know that touring Tate Modern and Tate Britain museums are free. This is what makes both of them good choices for travelers who think to limit themselves from visiting these places because of their budget. The Tate Modern and Tate Britain are both world-famous […]

A Detailed Look at London Tate Modern’s Dora Maar Exhibition

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Dora Maar, also known as Henriette Theodora Markovitch, was a French poet, photographer, and painter. However, like many other women in history, she is most famous for her association with a more well-known man. For several art historians, Maar is just a footnote in Pablo Picasso’s biography, among the many young ladies this cubism painter […]

Private Tours at Tate Modern for Groups

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It is of no doubt to say that Tate Modern Tours with a group is the best way to explore the place. The collection displays of the available private tours by various tour companies help the tourists to get most out of their tours. They always have an option to choose from the most highlighting […]

Tate Modern Displays Painting of Pablo Picasso’s Lovers

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For the first-ever time, the United Kingdom displays a Pablo Picasso painting, which depicts two women sitting on furniture facing opposite directions. These two were the lovers of Picasso, and as he depicted in the picture, they are having an unfriendly encounter. The 1937 painting features in the Dora Maar exhibition, which will run through […]