A Guide to Exploring the Quirky Cafes in London

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Exploring foreign countries will definitely be a source of ultimate joy. Venturing exotic places, national monuments, museums, exploring the culture, tradition, etc., of an alien city, will be indefinably satisfying. However, it will be incomplete if you cannot spot a cozy cafe that gives you the best answer for your coffee cravings. In fact, a cup of coffee is all it takes to make a moody day to an exhilarating one. So, if you are planning a trip to the capital city of the United Kingdom, it will be better to figure out the best cafes and spots in the city that offers refreshing coffee and snacks. Some of the incredibly unique options that are not only perfect for your coffee cravings but also for your photo wall are listed below.

The Sewing Needle

You may wonder about the relationship between coffee and a sewing needle. You will definitely find the answer as you enter this extraordinary basement at Clapham. As the name indicates, the cafe is highlighted using sewing needles. This cutesy space is further beautified using wicker baskets, eye-catching floral wall prints, and patterned cushions. Enjoying a cup of coffee at this magical place will be divine.

The main attraction here is that you can enjoy unlimited tea and coffee with a small entry fee. Plus, you can try your sewing skills and get familiar with a range of needlework gears. The walls of this small basement are lined with sewing machines, ironing boards, rulers, scissors, and many other equipment pieces or sewing paraphernalia. If you have no idea about sewing, you can register your name for the sewing classes conducted here as well.


There will be hardly any person who loves their day going down the toilet. Well, this is not true when it comes to the former Victorian public lavatory, which is now refurbished into a stunning daytime coffee shop. The original urinals have been converted to a pretty counter. Plus, you can see captivating vintage lampshades dangling from cisterns. The surrounding walls that are beautified by ancient gleaming tiles are also impressive.


Undoubtedly, London is not the first city to open a cafe that is solely dedicated to board games and a wide variety of coffees. However, this cafe was a former railway arch and was later converted to a temple and currently, to a teeny tiny vibrant coffee shop.  Cafes with gaming tops are one of the ingenious ideas that hit the town recently. Here, you can find huge wall shelves stacked with more than 500 board games. Of course, not everyone will be a pro in board games. Thankfully, you can always look up to the friendly staffs here for tips and guidance. Plus, you can enjoy some finger-licking snack varieties at Draughts. Without any doubts, this will be a stunning alternative to the regular coffee shops.

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