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An Ultimate Guide to Exploring the Tate Modern Museum

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London is one of the most stylish cities that any person would love to venture. In fact, this amazing city will be at the top of the travel bucket list of most people. There are many stunning and amazing things to see in London such as the London Eye, Thames River, the Tower of London, Hyde Park, the British Museum, etc. Amongst these iconic landmarks that you must never miss out when in London, one of the popular options is the Tate Modern museum. In fact, all art lovers will have a Tate Modern private tour option in their itinerary.

Tate Modern Museum

Tate Modern museum is mainly dedicated to art. Apart from the stunning artworks exhibited in the museum, the architecture of the building as well boasts an artistic touch that is sure to mesmerize each and every visitor. Furthermore, the history of this massive art gallery is dated back to 1897. Do you know that the present Tate Modern museum building was actually a Backside power station that was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott after the Second World War? Today, Tate Modern is one of the top three museums in the United Kingdom.

Unsurprisingly, Tate Modern will be crowded with visitors almost every time. In order to make your Tate Modern private tour experience worthy and outstanding amidst of this tourist mayhem, you can follow the guidelines given below.

Know What to Expect

The artworks in Tate Modern are showcased in different rooms, which are often highlighted with unique angles and shaped ceilings. You can expect at least one exhibition every room that is sure to create a spark of reaction within you. The type of artworks here include masterpiece painting, a massive range of impressive photographs, live performances, installations, live art exhibits, films, etc.

In order to make the overall experience out of this world, some art galleries trickle outdoors as well so that you can wander the Tate Modern premises and explore the artworks at other wings as well. If you are lucky, you will get to see some captivating street performances as well.

How to Explore

The artwork collection at Tate Modern is organized on the basis of various movements such as Minimalism, Surrealism, Post War Abstract, etc. So, you can easily choose the area that you would like to watch. If you are a lover of pure art, some of the popular artists whose works are most appreciated for in the museum include Salvador Dali, Joan Miro, Rene Magritte, William Eggleston, Pablo Picasso, Pierre Bonnard, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, etc. If you are on a tight schedule, you can opt to contemplate on the artworks of such famous artists first.

It is recommended to avoid visiting Tate Modern on school holidays and Saturdays, because the museum will be really crowded during this time. Yet when here, make your experience outstanding by taking a boat ride from Tate Modern to Tate Britain along the picturesque Thames River.

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