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The Tate Modern Museum never failed to attract visitors with its prominent contemporary art galleries. This has become one of the most popular attractions in London for art lovers. The museum hosts many wonderful exhibitions regularly that drive a large number of people to this museum. The museum also houses a fantastic collection of artworks that are free to visit. Tate modern private tour remains as an important part of London trips that you should not miss. Below mentioned are a few masterpieces of this wonderful museum that will definitely impress art lovers.

Marilyn Diptych by Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol is a popular name in the field of art. Marilyn Diptych is a famous work of Warhol where he silkscreened a wonderful photograph of the renowned actress Marilyn Monroe fifty times. The painting was created as a tribute to the actress after her death in August 1962 because of drug overdose.

This stunning piece of art consists of two silver canvases where the artist depicted a famous picture of Marilyn Monroe. This work is a representation of Pop art, which is a visual art movement that originated in the United States and the United Kingdom. Warhol depicted two of his pre-eminent themes, death and cult of a celebrity through this creation.

By repeating the images he displayed the ubiquitous presence of the actress in the media. The gradually fading images on the right side of the screen is an indication of star’s mortality. These black and white images perfectly contrast with the brightly colored images in the left panel.

Mountain Lake by Salvador Dali

This spectacular piece can be seen as one of Dali’s most nuanced works. This painting uses a combination of soft brown and greys that provides a realistic effect. You can witness Dali’s use of multiple images in this artwork. The lake represented in the image can also be seen as a fish. By the representation of multiple images, he intends to challenge rationality.

This work is a combination of both public and personal references. The natural lake points to his personal life. His parents used to visit this lake after their first child, who was also named Salvador, died. The death of his namesake brother, who he has never seen, had affected Dali in an emotional way.

The disconnected telephone in the image is a depiction of negotiations between Hitler and the British Prime Minister of that time Neville Chamberlain.

“Seagram Murals” by Mark Rothko

Rothko was commissioned by a restaurant in New York for creating murals for them. Even though he originally set out to create the paintings for the restaurant, later he changed his mind and withdrew from the commission when his work turned in to a more contemplative and darker one. He mainly used darker shades of red, grey and brown colors for this painting, unlike his previous ones that mainly consisted of bright and intense colors.

Rothko was greatly influenced by Michelangelo’s Laurentian Library in Florence, which had an oppressive atmosphere with its blind windows. He tried to recreate the claustrophobic atmosphere of the library through these paintings. When he understood that a restaurant would not be an ideal location for this painting, he presented them to the Tate museum. These works are exhibited in the Tate Modern museum how the artist needed it to be. They are kept in a dimly lit compact space that matches the darker theme of the painting. This atmosphere helps the viewers to indulge in the meditative character of work.

The Uncertainty of the Poet by Giorgio de Chirico

This is a strange and mysterious painting that creates an unsettling feeling the more you look at it. It spikes the curiosity of the viewer from the first glance itself. De Chirico’s paintings are characterized by eerie stillness, the bold and block colors and the lack of human subject. All these features can be witnessed in this specific painting named “The Uncertainty of the Poet”. This image is a blend of antiquity and modernity. The classical arcades and the twisted statue give an antique feeling, whereas the steamboat represents the modern inventions of that time.

Spatial Concept ‘Waiting’ by Lucio Fontana

This is a modern art which challenges traditional artwork and persuades the viewer to see the real artistic representation. The Spatial Concept ‘Waiting’ is such a piece of work that allows the viewers to explore an entirely new dimension of art with its simple yet effective representation. The work is characterized by a bold cut in the middle of the canvas that brings a three-dimensional view in a two-dimensional canvas. This creation is considered as a symbol of the gestural aesthetic of the artist.

Spatial Concept, Waiting is one of a series of works created by Fontana. All these works consist of a canvas that is cut once or multiple times. These works are collectively called ‘Tagli’ (cuts). They are the most extensive and varied works of Fontana that have become his masterpieces.

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