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Beautiful Hidden Gardens and Green Spaces in London

Tate Modern Tours
Tate Modern Tours

London attracts a lot of tourists every year with its huge number of wonderful attractions including monuments, museums, castles and a lot of other stunning landmarks and beautiful landscapes. There are a lot of famous tours in London including Tate Modern Tours, Buckingham Palace tours, and the Tower of London Tours, etc. that people often choose to go. These tours are a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of some famous attractions in London.

If you are unsure of the places to visit in London, you may choose to go on a guided tour that will take you through the major landmarks of this city. It usually includes Tate Modern private tours, British Museum private tours and other private tours through different monuments and museums in London. However, you can also explore this city on your own based on how you like. If you want to skip all the beaten paths and try something new, youwill never get disappointed, as London offers a plethora of options for you.

London has a myriad of beautiful gardens and parks that are rich with luscious greenery and stunning sights. These are a wonderful choice for you to sit back and relax after you explore the city. Apart from the popular gardens, this city also hides some other magnificent gardens and alluring green spaces that are quite beautiful. If you want to go off the beaten path and explore the less-visited gardens and green spaces in London, then we include some wonderful options for you.

Phoenix Garden

This charming garden is tucked away behind the Charing Cross Road and makes a perfect destination for a leafy lunch break. Look out for sparrows and frogs that you can see here in abundance because of an enthusiastic conservation initiative. The garden has undergone a redevelopment before a while and it is now open for the visitors to spend a quiet evening under the shades of the trees while chatting with your friends or reading a book you like.

Japanese Roof Garden

The Japanese RoofGarden which was built in 2001 is specifically dedicated to forgiveness. It offers a serene atmosphere for the visitors along with its stunning natural beauty. You will be able to get a period of repose while enjoying the beauty of the artfully placed rocks, pebbles and the combed sand.

This is a great place to head to if you are angry at someone, as this garden will evoke forgiveness in you without you actually being aware of it. When you visit this garden, don’t forget to look out for the Kanji character that is engraved on the granite water basin of the garden, as a sign of its dedication to forgiveness.

Postman’s Park

This park is just a short walk away from St. Paul’s Cathedral. It is one of the most touching monuments in London. Here, you can see George Frederic Watts’s “Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice”. It is situated in Postman’s Park. There are over 50 ceramic plaques in this monument that are nestled under a tiled roof. Each of these plaques represent an ordinary person who lost his/her life while trying to save others. Many of the descriptions are written about each person are really heart-breaking. You can spend an evening here admiring the selflessness of these people.

Red Cross Garden

This garden was originally built with the intention of giving space for the Southwark children from nearby tenements to play. This Victorian garden that has been restored to its original design contains a pond, bandstand, cottage and formal borders. It holds a great significance in the social reform history of the capital.

The Islamic Gardens at the Aga Khan Centre

The Islamic Gardens are designed for reflecting the diverse Muslim cultures. It has a peaceful collection of wonderful courtyards that are crafted with beautiful symmetry and stunning landscaped rooftops. The narrow waterways along with the burbling waterfalls of the Garden of Life represent the Mughal Empire, whereas the Garden of Light that has patterned screens are inscribed with Persian poetry and also some extracts from the Quran.

The Skip Garden

Situated in the King’s cross, this garden gives the message of sustainability, as it uses the waste products produced from the building works as planters. You can see a lot of vegetables growing here including pumpkins, beans, chilies, tomatoes, etc. while the chickens will be wandering around the park enjoying the relaxed atmosphere.

Abney Park Cemetery

You can see some impressive gothic-revival buildings here that date back to the 1840s. The crumbling gravestones and the overgrown woods in the cemetery gives an eerie allure to this place. It has a sinister atmosphere that can leave you over the edge.

Barnsbury Wood Nature Reserve

This is the smallest nature reserve in London that spreads across 0.35 hectares. This small space that is snuck in the affluent Barnsbury was a vicarage garden originally. But after it was relinquished in the 1840s, a woodland grew here naturally and now it is home to the sixteen spot ladybird.

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