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Tate modern is certainly known for the diverse collection of art it displays from different eras. Visiting the place usually leaves you feeling hungry from all the walking you do inside as well as outside. There are some great restaurants to refill your calorie bank near the Tate Modern Museum. Below are some of the better ones to visit after your Tate Modern private tour.

The Tate Modern Restaurant

Tate has its own restaurant on the tenth floor of the recent Switch House extension, serves food made from British ingredients. The highlighted fare here includes blackened cod, cottage pie, and charcoal-grilled steaks. Since the museum has a whopping 1.6 million guests every year, it is usually full most times when you walk in, making it smart to check the bookings before heading that way.


Take a 12-minute stroll alongside the river, and you will reach London’s busy Borough Market. Situated here is a famous restaurant named Roast. The place holds a delightful Sunday lunch and full English breakfasts, along with brunches and afternoon tea. If you visit, don’t forget to try out the namesake burger.

Oxo Tower

Along the river, west of the Tate Modern, you will reach the famous OXO Tower after a ten-minute walk. Although the place appears to have a bar, brasserie, and restaurant separate from each other, these actually come under the same establishment. They are famous for classic British cuisine including items such as sea bream, pork belly, rib-eye steak, lamb chops, mussels, and scallops. Furthermore, they also provide special offers for friends and family dining together.

Northbank Restaurant

If you cross the Thames River through the pedestrian Millennium Bridge, you will end up at Northbank Restaurant. You can grab a seat at the terrace overlooking the river, and order some of the delicacies served here, such as lemon sole, slow cooked short rib, and roast rack of Cornish lamb. It is a very relaxing place indeed, with views of the river and the gallery right in front of you.

The Laughing Gravy, Southwark

Majority of the restaurants above are famous in London. the The Laughing Gravy is not as well-known, and yet a great place for dining. It is just a ten-minute walk along the South of the gallery. The place has an array of great food items, such as roasted cauliflower mac’n’three-cheese, braised rabbit pappardelle ragout, or a superfood salad. Make sure you check this place out on your visit to London.

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