Exploring Tate Modern during the Lunch Hour

Tate Modern Self Guided Tour
Tate Modern Tours

Tate Modern is a beautiful and vibrant art gallery in London. It houses a vast collection of British artworks dating from the 1900’s to this day. This museum also houses international modern art and contemporary art.

If you are planning for Tate Modern self guided tour at the relaxing lunch hour, then it is best to contribute more of your time in watching the permanent exhibits rather than the temporary collections. However, as Tate Modern holds a vast number of permanent exhibits, that could be confusing as well. So, to help you out, below are the best bits in Tate Modern you should explore first and effectively utilize your lunch hour.

The Entrance

There are three entrances to the museum. If you are a person who likes to enter in style, then the ramp that leads to the Turbine Hall will be the best option for you. It is the old Bankside building of power station which houses the museum, thus you would be able to see many design elements here that signify the power generating past of the building.

You could see swings while on the Tate Modern self guided tour to the turbine hall. This is an awesome place to catch up with your friends and the best place for parents to let free their kids.

Into the Darkness

The Tanks in the switch house, which is an emerging part of Tate, is a permanent gallery. These dark spaces seen in the Tate Modern host live art performances as well as film and video work. Even though what is shown in the display changes regularly, it always has something exciting to display, most probably of a political nature.

Rooftop Spying

Most often, the switch house lifts are loaded with passengers, and therefore, it is best to start from the top and then come down using the stairs. You could get an awesome view of the St. Paul’s from the top, as well as get a peep into flats of the local residents from the 10th floor. However, these million-pound flats are empty most of the time.

You would be able to see a city made of couscous, which is the creation of Kader Attia, while heading down to the 4th floor. This is actually a model of Ancient Algerian city that is made of food items associated with North Africa.

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