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Interesting Facts about the Tate Modern Museum

Tate Modern Tours
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Tate Modern is one of the most popular museums in London. This is actually one of the four Tate galleries and museums that exhibit an incredible collection of British artworks dating from the 19th Century to today. Every wing of the museum is beautifully organized in a thematic scheme rather than the clichéd chronological order. So, if you love to contemplate on the best of British modern as well as contemporary artworks under a roof, exploring the iconic Tate Modern museum will be the best option. Below are some of the interesting facts about the museum that will surely make your Tate Modern tours an ever-memorable and exciting affair.

  • The museum got its name after the famous philanthropist and English sugar merchant, Sir Henry Tate. He is known for establishing the popular Tate Gallery in London.
  • The gallery houses some of the outstanding masterpieces of British artworks. Some of the popular options that every art enthusiast and lover can contemplate on include the Three Dancers of Picasso, The Autumnal Cannibalism of Dali, The Seagram Murals of Rothko, The Fountain of Duchamp, The Anywhen of Parreno, etc.
  • The artwork collection in the Tate Modern is classified into four groups: Nude-Action-Body, History-Memory-Society, Still Life-Object-Real Life, and Landscape-Matter-Environment. Note that the museum mainly exhibits the striking artwork collection of 1990’s.
  • The Tate Modern is designed in five levels and the one level of the museum is really unique. It is known as the Tribunal Hall, which was used to keep the electricity generators that were used to power the old power station earlier.
  • The Tate Modern museum was opened in 2000, and from then on, the number of visitors flocking to the museum is increasing with every passing year. The gallery even witnessed a tourist mayhem in the very first year of its opening with a number of 5.25 million people.
  • Tate Modern expanded its collection in 2016 by adding two huge oil tanks and captivating pyramid-like structures known as the Switch Houses. Most visitors use these spots for capturing beautiful photos and videos.
  • Inside the Turbine Hall at the first level of Tate Modern, there is an unbelievable art book shop. In fact, this is one of the best art bookshops in London and it mainly features the past exhibition catalogs, a wide range of illustrated books for children, visual art books, etc.
  • You can contemplate on most of the Tate Modern collection and exhibits for free of cost.

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