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Is Tate Modern or Tate Britain the Best Choice to Visit?

Tate Modern Tours
Tate Modern Tours

Before starting on Tate Modern tours, it is really important to know that touring Tate Modern and Tate Britain museums are free. This is what makes both of them good choices for travelers who think to limit themselves from visiting these places because of their budget. The Tate Modern and Tate Britain are both world-famous art museums and thus the travelers understanding the difference between both before getting there can be helpful.

Tate Britain – The Prettiest

The design and architecture of Tate Britain would most probably be a key factor that ranks low in the decision of a traveler of which one to visit first – Tate Modern or Tate Britain. This museum is more pretty than the Tate Modern which makes it an incredible choice for people who look forward to walking through pretty museums that look like art itself.

The Britain has a round-shaped rotunda, spiral staircase and a lot of Victorian details. The museum was built during the 1800s, and it then underwent some massive renovations that brought out impressive results. The big open galleries of the Tate Modern showcase its art beautifully making it hard to beat the columned balconies and monochrome terrazzo.

Tate Modern – The Largest

The fact that Tate Modern is larger than Tate Britain would only matter to people who plan to get their daily target of ten thousand steps. Also, there was an expansion project on the museum which was completed recently that doubled the size of the museum.

There are big galleries and rooms in the museum that provide a lot of space for all kinds of installations that are housed at the museum and keep the place from getting too crowded.

Tate Modern – Better View

So many people have an opinion that the Tate Modern is a bit out of the ordinary to reach a museum for things other than art. But a lot of them do not ever turn down the opportunities they get to enjoy a really good view.

Before the expansion project of the Tate Modern, the only possible views that could be enjoyed were from the balconies on the front of the museum which overlooked the Thames. But now, the museum has a terrace that offers a 360-degree view from the tenth floor of the Blavatnik Building which kept is open to everyone and that too, for free.

It features panoramic views in all the directions which makes the visitors spot a few of the popular landmarks of London. The most popular among them is the Millennium Bridge that stretches across the Thames to St. Paul’s located on the opposite side.

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