Places to Eat and Drink in Bankside and Southwark

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Tate is actually an institution that has four art museums in its network. The Tate group consists of Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool, Tate St Ives, and Tate Modern. Tate Modern has a vast collection of British artworks dating from the 1900’s to the present day. It also houses a collection of contemporary and international modern artworks. The museum could be well regarded as a powerhouse for the modern works of art.

Tate Modern is regarded as the world’s largest contemporary and modern art museum. Unlike other museums and national galleries in the UK, they do not charge you with an admission fee in order to view the displays. However, you would have to buy tickets for the big temporary exhibitions. After the British Museum, it is the Tate group, which has the largest number of visitors. It attracts about 5.5 million visitors every year.

If you are spending some time around the Tate Modern and are looking for a place to eat, there are a number of bars, restaurants, and pubs in Bankside and Southwark of London.

The area that lies between London Bridge and the South Bank area, which had nothing much to please a tourist until the advent of Tate Modern. However, the area became vastly populated with trendy architecture firms and many tech companies, as Tate Modern came to the scene and made it a tourist hub in London.

This area used to be a backwater before but now you could find a good range of places to eat and drink around the place. The following are some of the best places you could opt for having a meal while you are on Tate Modern tours.

Hixter Bankside

Imagine that you have planned to meet up with some of your friends at Tate Modern and they told you that it would be perfect if all of you could go to a Wagamama; do not say no to that, just lead them to Hixter. This place really assures you a decent meal. They serve different variations of chicken and steak here. They also have an excellent bar here, which serves strong drinks. This place is sure to impress your companions very easily.


This awesome restaurant located at the Bankside is perfect for all kinds of the meal, no matter whether you want a quick bite, a full-on brunch, a coffee, or would just like to get drunk. The Caravan could fulfill all of your desires; the brunch they serve here is quite delicious. This is also a good place to hang about with your friends. This place is also perfect for organizing massive group gatherings, in case you are planning for something at the last minute.

The Spots

The Spot is a restaurant located in the Southwark Street. It is really an awesome place to hang around with your friends, and a good place to get casual food items. You could get delicious Naples-style pizzas at this place. They also prepare exceptional spritz here. This would be a good option in case you would like to take it with you to the museum.

Tonkotsu Bankside

Tonkotsu Bankside is one of the best ramen restaurants in the city. This modern canteen serves Japanese ramen together with homemade noodles with numerous broths. They provide lunch of good quality at this place. You could also order a special lunch if you are not very hungry. The chicken kara-age that is served along with soup is truly delicious and is a must-try dish.

Macellaio Rc Union Street

Macellaio prepares excellent Italian-style steaks, which are cooked simply by grilling them on a hot grill. They serve the dish with olive oil and a pinch of rock salt. You may not be going regularly to this place for having a casual lunch; however, this would prove to be an awesome spot for celebrating your payday or maybe a small rise in your salary. The menu they serve at this restaurant features tasty cicchetti and banging plates of pasta, which would prove to be excellent starters.

The Table Café

The Table Café provides excellent lunch, brunch, and coffee. This is one of the favorite spots of both tourists and locals. All of the food served here is based on salads, holy lunch trinity of soups, and sandwiches. They also serve a good range of burgers at this place. The place is busy most of the time, but could get quieter during the afternoons.

The Swan

If you were near the River Thames, and would like to have some pint beer, the Swan would be the best option for you. They serve cold pint here instantly without keeping you in wait for a long time. They also provide good seating outside the pub, so try that if you would like to have a drink while enjoying the fresh air. They also serve food here; you could choose a Scotch egg and prawns if you do not wish to have a full dinner.

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