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It is of no doubt to say that Tate Modern Tours with a group is the best way to explore the place. The collection displays of the available private tours by various tour companies help the tourists to get most out of their tours.

They always have an option to choose from the most highlighting tours or a specific area of the collection. These private tours are often guided by expert guides.

Tailor-made tours are organized as alternate options for groups on a certain theme or examination topic of their choice. After letting the group know while booking the tour, you may also add interactive elements to the tailor-made tours if you wish to work with an artist to include an interactive element.

It is always important to enquire about private tours for groups before you start with your journey. Most of the Tate tours by tour companies require you to make the payment two weeks before you take the tour. You should also know that there are extra charges for group tours on bank holidays. Most of these companies welcome smaller groups usually, and you should always refer to the minimum price of all the tours.

Here are some of the common group tours at Tate Modern.

Permanent Collection Tours

Permanent collection tours are group tours at the Tate Modern that last for one hour and it can be taken by a group of a minimum size of 15 members for £12 per person. This tour includes highlights of the permanent collection at the Tate and is usually arranged from 10 am to 4:30 pm on all days of a week.

Foreign Language Tours

Foreign language tours for groups also last for an hour and cost around £16 per person. This tour also allows a minimum group size of fifteen persons. This is a permanent collection tour that is available in foreign languages including German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, French, Russian, and Mandarin.

Tailored Tours at the Tate for Groups

Tailored tours are specifically made to the requirements of the tourists which help them explore the collections at the Tate in-depth allowing them to look at different subjects and artists of their choice. The tour lasts for one and a half hours and costs £16 per person.

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