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Tate Modern is an incredible art gallery that you would be able to see in London. A part of the Tate Group (comprising Tate Liverpool, Tate Britain, and Tate St. Ives), this gallery houses a verity of modern artworks for its visitors. The beautiful museum is also one of the largest modern and contemporary art galleries in the world. In addition, there is no admission fee to enter the museum and enjoy your Tate Modern guided tours. However, you may have to buy tickets in order to see the temporary exhibitions. This is really a wonderful destination for all art enthusiasts. Below are the most beautiful artworks in Tate Modern.

‘After Lunch’ by Patrick Caulfield

In this beautiful painting, you could see a waiter who is inclining to a blue room. You could also see a fondue pot and a chair that is pushed back from the table that hints a recent meal. A realistic picture of Chateau Crillon on Lake Geneva could be seen in the blue room that could capture the attention of its visitors. This painting really teaches you different ways to explore a painting, as it pictures realism in a cartoonist background.

‘The Fairy-Feller’s Masterstroke’ by Richard Dadd

The Fairy-Feller’s Masterstroke may be an incomplete painting, but this magnificent artwork surely has some excellent detailing. This masterpiece painting by Richard Dadd is also a summation of the difficulties he had gone through in his life. He painted it for an official in Bethlem Hospital. He was admitted there after he went mad and killed his father in 1843. He was not able to complete this painting as he was shifted to Broadmoor by mid-1864.

‘Ski Jacket’ by Peter Doig

This beautiful painting was painted in a diptych format. The painting basically can be divided into two parts having identical height but with dissimilar width, which is joined together at an estimated center of the picture. The painting is also vaguely mirrored where the two parts join together. You would also be able to see a large number of miniature humans with bright colored dress dotted everywhere in the canvas. This painting is a bit confusing but it takes you to a wonderful world of illustrations.

‘Mystic Transportation’ by René Daniëls

In this artwork, you could see a blue building with white windows standing in the midst of dark bow tie like structures. The Dutch artist leaves an ambiguity in this work. Daniëls is a very creative artist who is extensively admired by his associates for his ability to push the entire genre into fascinating directions. However, he was never able to achieve the commercial success that he deserved. One of his mystiques was that he suffered from a brain aneurysm in 1987 just as he started painting again.

‘The Citizen’ by Richard Hamilton

The Citizen shows you the figure of a Republican man with a blanket at the Maze Prison. This painting is also divided into two parts: one side featuring the figure of a man, while the other side showing you the self-centered squalor surrounding the prisoner. Hamilton also pictures the difficulties faced by people of Northern Ireland in this work.

‘The Great Day of His Wrath’ by John Martin

This painting was created inspired by the visions of St. John about the Last Judgment written in the book of Revelation in the New Testament. This artwork shows the nature’s apocalyptic force along with the helplessness of man before the power of God. Among all the Biblical scenes created by Martin, this exhibits the most catastrophic vision about the destruction.

‘Weeping Woman’ by Pablo Picasso

The Weeping Woman shows the singular and universal suffering of men as an after effect of the Spanish Civil War. In this painting, Picasso wants us to imagine ourselves to be the crying woman. You would be able to see a terror in the dark eyes of the woman, which came to its being after she saw the bombing photographs in the newspaper. This painting was actually made as his protest against war and destruction. He also made a number of other paintings in the series, including ‘Mother with Dead Child II’.

‘Echo Lake’ by Peter Doig

This is really a dark painting featuring a night scene. The painting has a horizontal detailing of colors. You could also see a white line representing the shore of a lake below the Earth and vegetation painted in pastel colors in this beautiful artwork. The region is brought to light by an American police car that is lying on the center-right of the picture. A part of the top portion of the painting is filled by a purplish black color. This beautiful work may be dark, confusing, and strained, but the Scottish-Canadian artist has painted it very well.

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