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The Best Expositions at Tate Modern This Year

Tate Modern Private Tour
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Tate Modern is hosting exhibitions and retrospectives of different kinds this year. Below are the best ones you need to catch when in London any time soon.

The Tate Modern tour times for the exhibition-goers are also mentioned here. For an exhibition that has already started at the art gallery, only the last date of the respective one is mentioned. However, as the dates can change at any moment, do confirm the last date of an exhibition prior to your Tate Modern private tour program.

“Franz West”

Franz West’s works brought ‘punk’ aesthetic to the pristine spaces of galleries of art. His abstract sculptures, collages, furniture, and large-scale artworks are direct, crude as well as unpretentious. Those on a Tate Modern private tour can handle the replicas of Fran West’s sculptures called “Passstücke”, which are usually translated as “Adaptives”. They are papier-mâché pieces.

The original works were one of the turning points in the link between art and the audience. Franz West created playful sculptures, too, including objects from daily life. He also produced big, brightly colored and strange sculptures for public spaces and galleries. The retrospective runs through June 02, 2019.

“Magic Realism: Art in Weimar Germany 1919-33”

While “magic realism” is commonly associated with the Latin American literature, it was coined by the critic and artist named Franz Roh. He invited it to describe a change from the expressionist period art to unsettling imagery and cold veracity. The new realism reflected the inner worlds of magic and emotion as well as the fluid social experience.

The Tate Modern exhibition explores the practices of many artists, comprising George Grosz, Otto Dix, Jeanne Mammen, and Albert Birkle. It runs through July 14, 2019.

“BMW Tate Live Exhibition: Anne Imhof: Sex”

Tate Modern is staging the live exhibition from March 22 to 31, 2019. This is the third year in a row the art gallery is hosting “BMW Tate Live Exhibition”, with the exception that this time it is one that is dedicated to Anne Imhof. This is the German artist’s first exhibition in a museum in the United Kingdom.

“Sex” is an exposition by day as well as a series of live works that are staged at night. The artist constructs atmospheric surroundings inhabited by collaborators. For 5 nights and 10 days, they will also take over a gallery at Tate Modern with performances combining painting, music, and choreographed gestures. The gallery is called “The Tanks”.

During the day, you will be able to explore her installations of sculptures, paintings and architectural interventions without having to pay any entry fee. In the evening events that will be ticketed, the art gallery spaces will come to life with music, as well as live performances. The evening performances will contain explicit things, so they might just not be suitable for kids. So keep that in mind when you go to Tate Modern.

“Artist Rooms: Jenny Holzer”

Jenny Holzer presents artistic statements that can elicit a provocative response as well. When encountered on a street or in an art gallery, the American artist’s work asks viewers to consider the words and messages around them. Her art takes several forms, comprising stone benches, signs, paintings, posters, projections, textiles, and plaques. Words are at the center of her work, whether they are pasted on walls, flickering from electronic signs, stitched in wool, or carved in granite.

Holzer’s texts can be apparently simple and be forceful, but they may also contradict each other. They are not straightforward expressions of her views. Her first text series, “Truisms” is one of the best surveys of belief.

“I wanted a lot simultaneously: to leave art outside for the public, to be a painter of mysterious yet ordered works, to be explicit but not didactic, to find the right subjects, to transform spaces, to disorient and transfix people, to offer up beauty, to be funny and never lie.” This is how she described her goals.

Early on in Holzer’s career, she delivered messages upon t-shirts and posters so that they would be seen by people in common locations rather than in galleries and museums. Her work addresses multiple perspectives people read daily and the information overload. Eye-catching or lyrical and quiet, her artworks invite people to interpret their meaning for themselves. The exhibition at Tate Modern runs through July 31, 2019.

“Steve McQueen”

The greatest film critic Roger Ebert said McQueen is “one of a handful of Hollywood’s undisputed superstars”. Of course, for the best film critics, directors and writers are the real “superstars” of a film. It comes as no surprise that McQueen belongs in the list of the best filmmakers of this or any other decade.

His works, including “12 Years a Slave” and “Widows”, are provocative portraits of a time and place. This exhibition brings together immersive film and video installations McQueen has made since the year 2000.

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