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The Highlights Of 2020 Tate Modern Exhibition

Tate Modern Tours
Tate Modern Tours

Tate modern has finally revealed all its exhibition highlight for the year 2020 covering all its four galleries. To keep up the excitement of the art lovers, Tate Modern has announced that there will be the artifacts of artists from around the whole world including the works of Zanelli Muholi, Lynette Yiadom Boakye, Haegue Yang, and Aliza Nisenbaum. Even though the new artworks will give the visitors a wonderful experience, there will be also exhibits created in the past 300 years to add spice to the occasion.

The director of the Tate modern said that “Tate’s 2020 exhibitions reflect what we do best: New scholarship will reveal some of the great figures of art history as you’ve never seen them before, while major shows of contemporary art will give a platform to exciting and innovative artists working around the world today.” It was also said that that this year’s exhibition will take the visitors on a journey through 19th century Britain. Therefore, if someone is planning to make a visit to Britain, this is the best year to make their Tate modern tours because the organizers are planning to organize one of the greatest exhibitions the world has ever seen.   

The Spring of 2020

During the spring the Tate modern will be exhibiting the life of Andy Warhol, a superstar who was an outsider who stole the minds of people with art. This exhibition will take many through the lives of people and also to the culture of the 20th century British society. The journey through the life of Steve McQueen, the Oscar award winner, is also one of the major attractions of the current year exhibition. Not only the exhibits, but there are also several live performances by several artists along with the event to make the occasion more colorful.

The Summer 2020

All four Tate modern art galleries are planning to exhibit the artworks of solo artists and also the contemporary arts during the second phase. Most of the video graphic exhibits are also expected to appear during the summer 2020 exhibitions. The director of the Tate modern has also announced that the extraordinary artworks and sculptures created with the industrial parts by Haegue Yang will also be revealed during the summer of 2020.   

The main attraction of the autumn exhibition would be the presentation of JMW turner focusing on the theme of the inventions that created revolutionary changes in the world. The large photographic and documentary show will also make the exhibition sites more exciting.

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