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The Tate is made up of four art museums, which include Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool, and Tate St Ives. The Tate Modern, which is a part of the Tate group, is located in London. The museum houses a collection of international modern and contemporary artworks, and has a collection of British artworks that date back from the 1900’s to the recent times.

Tate Britain, on the other hand, has a collection of artworks from the mid-sixteenth century to recent times that could be seen spread over its twenty rooms. The works in Tate Britain are not arranged based on traditional themes, historic movements, or genres. The chronological circuit here was made by the team of curators based on specialties of a different period of time.

It is very clear that art history is not actually based on the passage of time, but based on other factors like style, movement, and genre. An advantage of this approach is that it includes the important figures of British art along with their career phases. This means that all these works including the pre and post works of the artists Reynolds, Sargent, or Bacon are not restricted to a single theme or period, but is seen in the context of the works of other artists from different generations.

In order to create a balance, they also deliberately mixed up the famous works with the less known styles and subjects. The collection also has many works from women artists like Mary Beale from the 1660’s to the current day.

The World of British Art

Along with the sculptures and paintings, they also have a room that is solely dedicated to video projections and films, and two other rooms dedicated to photographs and different works on paper.

This wonderful gallery actually takes you on a walk all the way through the world of British art. This amazing journey through art also allows the viewer to stop wherever they wish. Furthermore, all the installations are made suitable for the architecture of the galleries.

Many galleries here cover historical collections, while those focusing on themes and artists change regularly. They are also planning on the renovation of some of the historic galleries in the upcoming days. Reports say that the Tate museum is also keen on improving the main entrance and the public facilities.

As a whole, Tate Britain has the most important collections of British art in the entire world. A tour to the museum would really help in broadening your views about art.

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