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If you have ever read the Harry Potter series or watched the movies, the tour to the Harry Potter Studio will be nothing less than an adventure for you. When you behold the magical world of wizardry in front of your eyes, you will feel like you are in a dream world. The enchanting world of magic and wizardry that J.K Rowling had put before the world is so alluring that every reader wishes to visit the Hogwarts School at least once in their lifetime. A tour to the Harry Potter studio will be a dream come true for such ardent fans.

Here are some things which you will enjoy doing while you are on your trip to the Harry Potter Studio.

Visit the Great Hall at Hogwarts

Your visit to the Harry Potter Studio begins with a short film, which will be followed by your entry into the Great Hall of Hogwarts that you may have seen in the movies. This hall is actually inspired from the Great Hall at Oxford Christ Church College. The hall looks almost the same as it is seen in the movies, except that the magical ceiling is missing and the two tables in the centre of the room are removed for easy access.

See the Movie Props

After your visit to the Great Hall, you can move to the next area which looks like the Room of Requirement. You can find many of the movie props here including the horcruxes of Voldemort, all the wands used by the characters, the Mirror of Erised, Ron’s Robes etc.

Visit Platform 9 ¾

Though much of the scenes of the platform in the movie were shot in the King’s Cross station, they have recreated the platform in the studio as well. It will be a thrilling experience to take a photo of you pushing the luggage trolley through the wall of the platform.

Take Photos inside the Hogwarts Express

You will have the privilege of hopping on to the Hogwarts express and click pictures in the carriages in which Harry, Ron and Hermione travelled. Although the train will not take you to Hogwarts, the real steam and railroad noises will give your experience a touch of reality.

Walk Down the Diagon Alley

This will be the most exciting part of your Harry Potter Studio tour. The Diagon Alley had changed its appearance throughout the movies and hence it will be the latest form of the Alley you will see. The place is so beautiful that you will want to enter into each of the shops in the Alley.

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