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Tips to Buy Cheap Theatre Tickets in London

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London Tour Tips

If you are a person who loves to watch movies and theatre shows, London is a city, which has much to offer you to this end. The West End of London is famous for the West End Theatre. Knowing some essential tips can help you get cheap tickets to the West End show, and other theatre shows in London. Here are some essential tips, which might help you to buy cheap theatre tickets while on your London tours.

Try Online Booking

The best way to get theatre tickets at a lower rate is to book your ticket online. Get to know about the shows in the particular theatres earlier and book the tickets earlier. You can get a discount of up to 60% on the West End shows if you book the ticket online.

Have a London Pass

There are so many advantages of taking a London Pass. One of them is that you can avail a discount of up to 40% on the West End shows. You can also use this London Pass to have a discounted entry to some of the important attractions in London, including Westminster Abbey and Tower Bridge.

Pay a Visit to TKTS Booth

From a week in advance to the day of the show, you can have a discounted and half-priced theatre ticket, at the TKTS booth located in Leicester Square.

Look Out for Standby and Return Tickets

At the box office of the theater, look out for the tickets which were returned or those which are left. You may get it sometimes, but not a sure thing.

Select Packages That Have Weekend Theatre Break

When you choose your tour package, choose the one, which offers a weekend theater show. Some of the West End shows are partnered with some hotels and restaurants in London, and by opting for such packages, you can save much of your money.

Go for the Show as a Group

In most of the theatres, they give an offer or discount if 10 or more people are coming together for the show. Hence, it will be wise to go to the show with your family or friends. You can save a considerable amount in this way.

Go For Fringe Theatres

Fringe theatres are the small theaters, which are away from Central London. It is the place, which usually hosts the local celebrities who are on their UK tours. This will be their starting point. Also, new playwrights’ works will be staged in such theaters.

Keep these tips in mind while planning to visit a theatre in London.

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