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With numerous attractions like natural parks, historic sites, museums, and important buildings, London is better appreciated if you take a walk through its cobbled streets. There are several routes ideal for a walking tour of the city. Below is a discussion of the best walking routes in the city that you can take after your Tate modern guided tours.

The Legal Garden – Inner Temple Garden

The inn of the court located between the Blackfriars and Temple is accessible on weekdays. The place developed a garden since the 14th century. You can still visit the remains in this place by taking a tour on foot. The Queen Anne sundial, the 18th-century iron gates, and the ancient orchard are the major attractions here.

As you continue your walk, you can spot several British birds such as tits, thrushes, and robins. Besides, there are many butterflies to be spotted as you stroll through the naturally vibrant place.

South Bank Stroll – Tate Modern to Jubilee Gardens

The South Bank offers a view to behold at sunset. With the ethereal glow of the vintage Victorian lamp-posts above the Thames, the view of the Tower Bridge, and the catchy architecture of the Westminster which is illuminated from below, the place cannot be missed on your visit to the city. The National Theater becomes a symbol of culture and casts several silhouettes on to the city’s skyscape.

Even at night, the place has a charm like no other places in the city and you can stay there observing the commuters and tourists navigating the streets under the warm glow of the classy light.

‘The Jubilee Greenway’ – Little Venice To Camden

Regent’s Canal is certainly one of the most attractive sights of the city. There is a trail that passes beside this. You can reach here directly from the London Zoo. Besides, the route is very peaceful and is ideal for a walk on Sunday, when you can see a lot of activity in the canal such as boat traffic.

Little Venice is located at a short distance from the Edgware Road to Warwick Avenue. Therefore, it is better to begin at Camden. Note that Camden is also famous for its share of street food joints. The two-mile walk makes you get the feeling of walking on a country road, right in the middle of a cosmopolitan like London.

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