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The Tate Museum is considered to be one of the world’s most frequented art museums. It is situated in the previous bankside power station. The museum showcases some of the best pieces of art from the 20th and 21st centuries. Find works on contemporary subjects, surrealism and cubism in its galleries. There are several places to stay near the museum. Read on to know more about the best attractions to see inside the museum after your Tate Modern guided tours.

Ships in the Dark, Paul Klee

This is a famous oil painting completed by Paul Klee who was a 20th-century artist. It showcases the rhythmic linear style of the artist. It represents the bright boats and the shine of the moon. Several works along with this one were inspired by the Mediterranean Sea.

Weeping Woman, Picasso

This work is based on Picasso’s darling, Dora Maar. It is a bright yet troubled scene that portrays an upset lady whose face is separated into Cubist shards. The work is closely linked to Picasso’s notable work Guernica. It is meant to convey the hardships of the Spanish Civil War.

Metamorphosis of Narcissus, Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali is considered one of the masters of Surrealism. His artistic creations once motivated Freud. Nowadays, they pull in armies of guests. This work portrays his terrifying explanation of the Greek legend of Narcissus. It was one of his first works to dive deeper into psychological meanings.

Water Lilies, Claude Monet

This work is on loan from the National Gallery. ‘Water Lilies’ is one of the most cherished works of Impressionism. The beautiful and cloudy organization focuses on a peaceful scene of blooming water lilies gliding in a lake. Furthermore, it passes on the artist’s interest with light.

Red on Maroon, Mark Rothko

This is a part of a progression of sketches made as a commission for New York’s Four Seasons Restaurant in the late 1950s. This work shows Rothko’s signature large-scale abilities and color-blocking systems. This work is shown close to his different works. It is worth visiting as it has a powerful impact.

Untitled, Mira Schendel

Mira Schendel is one of Latin America’s most significant twentieth-century artists. Many of Mira Schendel’s works have been shown widely at the Tate. This one is a 1963 oil painting named Untitled and is a geometric creation circling cream and grey stones. They stand out from the art’s hand-drawn lines and finished surface.

Make sure you don’t miss the above artworks if you happen to visit the Tate Modern Museum.

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