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The days of meat are gone and there are plenty of places to find ethical food in London. Regardless of whether you are nature bases, animal lover, or vegan, there are several places that offer you plant-based food. Starting from chia seeds to hemp, you will find different varieties of vegetarian food that will fulfill every type of foodie out there. Below are some of the best vegan places in London that you can visit after your Tate Modern guided tours.

Apres Food Co

The Apres Food Co is one of those places that have a Parisian backstreet vibe to them as you enter. The place has been artistically arranged with several accessories like lush plants inside concrete pots, creatively arranged wine bottles, blue and white floors, and bleached wood. Further, the menu is a delicious blend of several cuisines which focus on organic and seasonal vegetables as well as locally sourced meat.

Do not miss the sweet potato hash which you will savor for many days to come. Try the cakes like the feather-light victoria sponge and the chocolate brownie too. Note that the menu is completely free of refined sugar and gluten.


This is one of the top vegan restaurants that offer excellent Peruvian-inspired ceviches, smoothies, cocktails, and street food. Peruvian food is something that people love a lot. Andina offers Cheeky’ ceviche, which happens to be one of the 6 items available on the menu. It consists of thin slices of hake along with cod cheeks which are marinated using citrus juice. It is a popular palate cleanser. Further, the cancha or the Peruvian popcorn is something you have to try once you visit the place.

Black Cat

This is a Clapton ethical café that has only vegan foods on offer. They are a great place to head to if you are looking for a place that serves budget-friendly vegan food. They have changing salad plates with a rotation system in place for the selection of pesto, beetroot, dressed kale salads. Do not forget to grab a smoky lentil burger and a vegan pastry before you leave.

Bonnington Café

This is a vegan and vegetarian café operated cooperatively. It was initially opened in the 1980s to feed the local community. It still has the community feel. The place is usually visited by locals and travelers too. They include dishes that are from America, Italy, France, Japan, and Portugal, with a vegan touch to all of them. You have the facility to know who is cooking every day through their online portal.

Bombay Bustle

Walking into the Bombay Bustle will give you great fragrances of spices and smokes that will straightaway get you hooked. The place stays lively on most days of the week. The ambiance includes low lighting of flickering oil lamps. There is a roof which appears similar to the giant arch of a caravan. Try the dark and mellow dahl which is cooked the previous night. There is a long list of Indian varieties available. Take your time to try these before you leave with a satisfied stomach.

C&R Café

This is a 20-year-old food joint that is situated in a small alleyway. It is focused on Malaysian cuisine and may not be easy to find due to its location. They provide some excellent food with value for the money you pay. Some of the special servings include laksa which consists of a coconutty soup, a smoky plate of Chinese-Malay char kway teow, and roti canai. Order a classic nasi goring to get a heap of rice along with the warmly spiced chicken curry.


This eatery is currently located in Woodstock Street and can be spotted around the corner. The ambiance is lively, with many oak tables and sake bottles at the entrance. They also have open sushi where you can watch the chefs at work. Cold dishes are the best among those offered, with horenso salad starters like fresh spinach leaves. This is arranged into an elegant spiral with spiralized carrot, a yuzu sauce, and pieces of prawn. The sushi is definitely one of the best you can get around the place.

Coal Rooms

Walk out of the Peckham Rye station to this comparatively new place which is a small-plate joint. The seats are available near the kitchen counter. They are ideal for picking up smoked meat from robata grill from the coal oven near it.

There are different varieties of modern American items like grits of pickled jalapenos. Try the garlicky Italian dip with seaweed-heavy rice seasoning and miso which are slathered above charred cauliflower. The hispi cabbage is also available as they are offers with a covering of jerk dressing.

The above are some of the top restaurants of London, which will definitely prove to be worthy of a visit after your Tate Modern guided tours.

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