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The collections of art displayed at the Tate Britain museum are worth admiring for the blend of art genres they portray. Its founder Henry Tate had collected artworks, which were of his taste; all of those were later praised by intellectuals. Currently, the museum houses numerous British artworks, which explain the historic involvement of Britain in the mutual space with other European countries.

The Death of Major Peirson

The painting can be included in the ‘Grand style’ label when the art world was gradually moving from admiring only the Greek art and Roman history. This particular painting was done by John Singleton in 1781. The period in which the artwork was painted was all about the Battlefields. It is a dramatic death of an English officer by French invaders that is captured on canvas.

A Man in a Black Cap

This painting by John Bettes is believed to be the oldest artwork ever brought to the museum. Moreover, it is worth a visit for the brand name it carries. It is the painting of Bettes. They are considered to be very scarce that no other Tate Modern tours could offer. The altering blend of brown or grey will appear according to the presence of light is interesting to introspect.


Inspired from the famous work of Shakespeare, the Hamlet, the painting was drawn by John Everett Millais, who was one among the members of Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. It is all about grave subjects and Realism that the group was centered upon. Once you look at the perfection of the work, you could realize that it was against the stereotypical Royal Academy’s teaching.


Its painter, Mark Gertler, had the influences of his experiences of growing up as a Jew in the British Empire. Henceforth, all his panic and concern for a dreadful modern day is clearly visible. DH Lawrence had even called them horrible and terrifying. The painting was symbolic of age militarism.

Recumbent Figure

The avant-garde figure is comparatively a new artwork in Tate, which was made by Sir Henry Moore in 1939. The design was inspired from the one hand of African and Oceanic art section of the British Museum. The figure displays a female figure surging on a landscape.

Norham Castle

This is one among the numerous works of Joseph Mallord William Turner that is housed in Tate Britain museum. Even the unfinished state of the art piece shows the beautiful blend of colors in perfect light, dropping the main content of the painting. Turner’s pictures grew into great demand in the late 20th Century.

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