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Why Should You Visit Tate Modern During Your London Tours?

Tate Modern Tours
Tate Modern Tours

London hosts a large number of museums and art galleries which hold an enormous number of masterpieces created by world-famous artists. These museums and art galleries in London alone attracts a large number of visitors every year. If you are an art fanatic and want to enjoy some unique and rare art collections, then London is one of the best places to head to.

The Tate Modern museum of London is a renowned museum in London that is well-known for the ginormous number of art collections it holds. A lot of people visit this museum for seeing the wonderful art collections it showcases. Tate Modern tours are one of the popular activities in London that most tourists love to do.

Tate Modern offers a lot of stunning works created by many famous artists of world art history. This is a great place for you to see and admire many original works created by a lot of popular artists. If you are wondering about visiting this museum during your London trip, here are top attractions that can persuade you to include Tate Modern private tour in your plans.

Ships In The Dark By Paul Klee

This wonderful oil painting is one of the best works to see in the Tate Modern museum. It represents brightly colored sailing boats along with the light of the moon. This is a stunning painting that exhibits the rhythmic linear style used by the artist. This painting along with a lot of other paintings created by Paul Klee was inspired by the time he spent in the Mediterranean.

Metamorphosis Of Narcissus by Salvador Dali

It is an excellent example of Surrealism that inspired a lot of other artists. Now it remains one of the centerpieces of attraction of the Tate Modern museum. This work depicts Salvador Dali’s unnerving interpretation of the myth of Narcissus. It was one among his famous works that created much psychological depths.

Weeping Woman By Picasso

This colorful painting was modeled by Dora Maar, who was Picasso’s lover. This is an unhappy scene that portrays a distraught woman. This work is intended for conveying the sufferings caused by the Spanish Civil War. This is one of the brilliant works of Picasso that attracts a large number of people to Tate Modern.

Tate Modern houses a lot of wonderful works made by world-famous artists. If you want to enjoy some brilliant artworks created by the geniuses of art history, then Tate Modern tours are one of the best ways. Hence, do not forget to visit this wonderful museum during your London visit.

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