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London is indeed a great city to visit. It is famous for its share of historic museums. Due to their reputation, they tend to get a bit crowded on most seasons. Hence, a bit of additional knowledge is the only way to visit these museums safely while skipping most of the excess crows. Below is a discussion on some of the best ways to deal with the crowds of the London museum while you are on your Tate Modern guided tours.

Victoria & Albert Museum

The Fashion area can get crowded most of the time. The Room 57 houses a lot of peace, and it has a saucy 400-year-old bed engraved with darlings’ initials and sensual scenes. Several years back, this was a Hertfordshire motel’s prized tourist destination. Even Shakespeare mentioned it in the Twelfth Night. Further, travelers and tourists neglect the brilliant Nehru room. Make sure you cover that one too. Look out for the eighteenth-century wooden tiger with an organ in its body, biting on a European fighter. This belonged to a Mysore sultan who attempted to drive the British away from India. It is advisable to visit the museum on weekday mornings to keep away the crowds.

The British Museum

You will have to fight through the crowds to reach the surprisingly peaceful and recent construction of Sir Joseph Hutong Gallery. Unusual jade artifacts, Ming tradition mythical beast tiles are among the special attractions here. You can also find modern calligraphy by the best Chinese specialists. You can also find beautiful Amaravati Buddhist figures from the third century BC. The historical center’s uncommon collection includes North Korean publications and woodblock prints. These are not known to many visitors(Korea Gallery). The Prints and Drawings room is also a great place for some peaceful exploration. This spot has numerous British satire cartoons too. Weekday mornings are ideal if you are looking to stay away from crowds.

Museum of London

It is advisable, to begin at the lesser-visited area that covers Suffragette history. This is the greatest collection of its sort in the nation. There are WSPU posters sewn by female activists in Holloway jail, unique flyers, and rare photos of Emmeline Pankhurst. The inn also has the final portion of London’s infamous fatberg for the individuals who can digest it. It is recommended to visit on Sundays to stay away from the weekend crowds.

Make sure you adopt the above strategies for the best experience visiting London’s Museums.

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