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Special Things to Do at Tate Modern Museum

Tate Modern Tours
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Tate modern museum is one of the must-visit places for those touring London. While most travelers visit this museum, they usually go through it the same way everyone else does. However, there are several special things in and about this museum that are worth admiring. Below are some unusual things to check out on your Tate Modern tours.

Admire the Building

The building stands on the banks of the Thames River. At 99m (325 ft) IN height, it forms a towering presence in the London’s skyline. It used to be the Bankside Power Station before being converted into a museum. It is made with 4.2million bricks, and forms an admirable shape when viewed from a distance.

Contemplate the Non-Chronological Displays

The non-chronological display of art in the museum is something that intrigued many at the time of its opening. Such a way of display is not used in too many art galleries around the world; however, since the installation was a grand success, it has been accepted openly. The authorities say that they tried exploring a new way of establishing a relationship between the past and the present.

Look at The Crack of Shibboleth

The art installation, the crack of Shibboleth, is one of the more peculiar attractions of the museum. It is located in the Turbine Hall, and was installed in 2007. It forms a long crack across the floor of the hall, and regularly catches the eye of anyone who happened to pass by. It is a strange installation, and you can still see traces of art left on it after a decade from its installation.

Spot Peregrine Falcons

One of the unusual things you can find in the museum is the presence of Peregrine Falcons near the Tate Modern’s chimney. It has been a favorite resting place for this variety of bird since 2004. Birds were successfully raised here, and you can get a good look at them at this point.

Get a Taste of Tate Chocolate

Many of the visitors of the museum are unaware of the fact that they also make chocolates here. Visit level 1 of the Boiler House, and you would arrive at the Chocolate Shop. Get good chocolate bars, gifts, etc, and also taste some hot chocolate made out of Cacao Berry.

Experience Aural Art

If you are a music lover, you definitely have to try the aural art designed by the famous sound artists of the museum.

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