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Tips To Celebrate Christmas in London

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Christmas is approaching and most people out there would be busy planning their Christmas celebrations. Do you know that Christmas is one of the best seasons in a year to travel abroad? While there are many enchanting places in the world to nail your Christmas holidays, London is one of the best options to consider irrespective of whether you are traveling solo or in a group. The city is fully packed with a countless number of activities during this Christmas month ranging from Christmas markets to huge ice rinks. Some of the perfect spots that you may visit and activities that you may indulge in during the Christmas month in London are given below.

Trafalgar Square

This is where you can find a huge Christmas tree that is entirely lit up with fairy lights and other Christmas lanterns. The best part is that this giant tree is gifted by the city of Oslo to the people of Britain every year making it a symbol of pure love and friendship. Additionally, this captivatingly dressed tree will be exhibited in the square by the beginning of December.

To make things even more exciting, you can find some carol groups and bands performing beneath the tree every weekend and on some weekdays. Usually, the tree is lit up from the first Thursday in December. So, in 2019, you can see this light spectacle by December, 05th Thursday. Besides, keep an eye on Santa’s early arrival as well to document it on your Instagram feed.

London’s Christmas lights

The city will be converted into a magnificent light spectacle to welcome Christmas. This light works usually begins in early November and used to start with the Oxford street lights switch on. In 2018, it began on November 6th and this year; it is yet to be announced. Once this light festival began, there will be no nook and cranny in the capital city of Britain that is not illuminated. Needless to mention, you will have travel around the city at night to enjoy the sight to the fullest.

Plus, you can either consider walking tours, bike tours, or bus tours to enjoy this enchanting festival. It is recommended to avoid getting around the city in cars during this time because it will be extremely crowded and it will take hours to reach one street from another. Plus, cabs will be way expensive at peak hours. Other outstanding activities to see and do during the Christmas season in London are;

  • Visit Christmas markets
  • Explore winter wonderland
  • Watch Christmas films
  • Do ice skating
  • Visit the Eltham palace
  • Visit Alice winter land and London zoo

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