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London has no shortage of excellent cafes and restaurants. Usually, people get confused due to the various available options. There is also a huge variety of options available to travelers when it comes to bakeries. There are several bakeries which offer unique things to visitors. It comes down to picking the right place to visit. Read on to learn about some of the top bakeries in London. Make sure you visit them after your Tate Modern Guided Tours.

Anges De Sucre

In case you need a centerpiece for any special event such as weddings, one of the best choices is the attractive patissier Anges de Sucre. They have their boutique in North Acton. Their cakes come with intricate details with ingredients like elegant Swiss meringue buttercream and ombré-coated buttermilk doughnuts to white chocolate pearls. Weird products like the vegan ‘pig in a unicorn wig’, the two-layered ‘mermaid skirt’ or ‘gaga rainbow’ cake is ensured to get you addicted to sweetness. People also visit especially for their macarons and marshmallows in all hues, structures, and flavors. You can check out their hot cocoa or some espresso before you shop. Note that the beans roasted in Paris.

AOK Kitchen & Bakery

A blend of two parts, AOK is separated into a ground-floor Kitchen and a lower floor bakery. The former is a health-conscious Mediterranean-style café. They serve a seasonal menu against the beautiful scenery of marble floors and hand-crafted silk backdrop with a ‘supernatural tree’ as the highlight. The second place is an attractive bakery with tables to relax. You will find several items in dairy-and without gluten bread, rolls, pastries, cakes, and viennoiseries. Similarly, the baking team also makes bespoke cakes, flavorful pizzette, and sweets, for example, colorful organic fruit pavlova. You can also get customized items for unique events.

Ararat Bread

It might be a minimal store located behind Ridley Road market in Dalston. However, Ararat’s Middle Eastern-style flatbreads, also called ‘naans,’ are delicious. They feature in numerous cafés and shops in town. The activity inside this place revolves around an immense rotating over and a trestle table where the naans are sacked up. Here, hot ones are covered by paper, and cold ones come in biodegradable plastic packs. You can get them plain. Note that many people go for the variants topped with meat, cheddar or egg. These are as cheap as chips, yet much more intriguing.

Keep the above locations in mind as you search for the best bakery in London. no shortage of excellent cafes and restaurants.

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