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London is a city where you will not run out of a museum to visit. There are museums of different kinds in London city. The list includes national museums, cartoon museums, weird museums, and many more. If you are a person who loves visiting museums, London is the city for you. There are more than 170 museums in London among which some are very famous and top in the list of popular world museums.

Here is a list of the top museums in London, which you cannot miss during your London tours.


It is one of the most magnificent museums in the world. Queen Victoria laid its foundation in the year 1899. The museum today displays artworks from around the world. There are around 150 galleries contained on seven floors where the displays are exhibited. This includes paintings, sculpture works, furniture, posters, ceramics, jewelry, glass, textiles, etc. which were gathered over many centuries.

Tate Modern

It is an iconic art gallery of the world, visited by numerous tourists every year. There are four Tate venues in London, of which Tate Modern is one. It has a very large collection of contemporary and modern artworks, which is one of the best of this kind around the world.

It was opened in 2000, and since then attracts millions of tourists here. Along with their permanent collection here, Tate Modern also hosts many temporary exhibitions, which are crowd pullers. Tate modern guided tours should be an inevitable part of your London tours.

British Museum

This museum was opened in 1759, and it became the first national museum in the world, which was opened to the public. It is completely free to visit the museum, and if you are on your London tours, you should visit the British Museum and see the different objects collected and displayed here from around the world. This is an excellent place where you can connect with different cultures around the world. The museum is kid-friendly and is worth visiting during your tours in London.

Natural History Museum

It is a research institution and a museum at the same time. It was opened in 1881. If you love science and nature and is fond of geography, flora, and fauna, you may choose to visit this museum. There is much to learn by seeing the displays here.

Other than these, there are many other big and small museums in London, which you can explore during your tours in London. Get to know more about them from the locals you meet there.

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